NEW! My Scientific Name

The CuSTEMized team is so excited to share with you all our latest personalized storybook My Scientific Name. Learn about what scientific careers the letters of your name represents with this beautiful and educational storybook. Each page is developed in collaboration with real women or minority scientists in that field. Learn more about all these different scientific careers and the women and minority scientists working in them by creating your own copy of My Scientific Name at


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Special thanks to everyone involved in making this possible including:

Illustrated by Jean Fan and Kimberlyn Bailey
Written by Jean Fan, Aeja Pinto, and all contributing scientists acknowledged below
Developers: Jean Fan and Kamil Slowikowski
Outreach coordinator: Sayda Zelaya

Theron Carmichael – Astronomer
Nicole Black – Bioengineer
Oana Livia Apostu – Computer Programmer
Michka Sharpe – Developmental Biologist
Ruoran Li – Epidemiologist
Jenny Gruber – Flight Dynamics Officer
Tamara Pico – Geologist
Rutendo Gambe – Hematologist
Kelly Moynihan – Immune Oncologist
Steph Guerra – Journalist
Kim Schenkeveld – Kinesiologist
Heather Mumford – Library Scientist
Jennifer Dailey – Materials Scientist
Sonia Kim – Neuroscientist
Elise Wilkes – Oceanographer
Moiya McTier – Planetary Scientist
Jing Shi – Quantum Physicist
K. Renee Horton – Rocket Scientist
Stephanie Hicks – Statistician
Gaye Angela Ohanesian – Transmission Engineer
Natasha Ginzburg – Urologist
Rebecca Davenport – Veterinarian
Jean Fan – Web Developer
Constance (Connie) Jeffrey – X-ray Crystallographer
Subhalaxmi Nambi – Yeast Biologist
Lauren Koenig – Zoologist

And many more volunteers, friends, and family for their support

Made possible through funding and support from readers like you.