Helping teachers help their class

Teachers strive to inspire and empower students with the confidence and skills to change the world. I recently had the pleasure of helping one amazing teacher, Melody Tsai, to do just that.

Melody initial contacted us, saying: I initially wanted to give these books to the 10 girls in my class for an end of the year gift before going to Kindergarten. Then, I wondered what could the 5 boys in my class get. Thankfully there is a drop down menu for the boys as well! I am ecstatic! Because I am a teacher, I do have difficulty printing in colored ink as I am in a low income level school in the middle of the desert where resources to get mass colored printing can be hours away.”

…well, we can fix that! I was more than happy to print these books and ship them out to her. Melody took the time to work with us to personalize books for her entire class!


Each book was actually made by yours truly 😉


We didn’t have a box big enough to accommodate all the books so we had to use an old Amazon box!


The books arrived safety and we were glad to hear that her students liked their personalized books!

One of the main goals that I strive for as a teacher is to inspire, empower, and to teach in a progressive way in hopes that students become positive, active members of society. could not be a more perfect end of the year gift, as a keepsake, and a reminder that every one of my students has the power to change the world. Parents say they will keep it forever, the principal loves it, my co-workers thought it was such a great idea, my BTSA advisor loved it so much she passed the website along to other teachers, and of course the students loved seeing themselves featured as the main character of the story. I look forward to donating and receiving these spiral bound books every year!

– Melody Tsai
Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

We have always been providing free individual books upon request to those who cannot afford it. But Melody has inspired us to expand our Book Fund program to classrooms as well.

Let us know if you’re interested in a set of personalized books for your classroom!

Science Club for Girls Graduation!

Thanks to your donations, cuSTEMized was able to collaborate with Science Club for Girls to bring free personalized books to the 1st grade class at the Amigo’s school! Congrats to the 1st grade class on another year well done! Hope they enjoy their cuSTEMized books and keep doing science! Check out more photos on our Facebook page!


Thanks to the wonderful Science Club scientist mentors for collaborating with us and collecting the students’ information so we can personalize books for them! Special thanks to admins Terina-Jasmine Alladin and Lydia Peabody for helping coordinate and organize!


And of course, thanks to all of you for your continuous support! Your donations and books orders support our Free Book Fund and outreach events. There are also lots of free ways to support cuSTEMized and our mission so please check them out!


Coloring with cuSTEMized

cuSTEMized recently hosted our first fun-filled hands-on learning event in collaboration with The Innovation Institute, a local after-school STEM enrichment program.


We had some hands-on fun with making rainbows using prisms and flashlights. And of course, had lots of fun coloring! We also heard from 3 STEM guest speakers from Harvard. We learned about computer science from myself and Kamil Slowikowski, geology from Tamara Pico, and epidemiology from Ruoran Li! Check out our Facebook for more photos.


Thanks to our wonderful parents for coming! This would not be possible without you! Thanks to Jennifer Montana and The Innovation Institute for providing their inspiring and creative space. We thank our outreach coordinator, Sayda Zelaya, and graphic designer, Jess Rice, for their hard work.

I hope girls walked away from this event knowing that rainbows are not magic and that they are physical properties and manifestations of light and refraction. Excited to do more fun outreach events in collaboration in the future!